We Really Need Your Help

For Jackson Goes to the Beach to go from unlikely concept to finished film, we will need significant funding. We plan to raise money for this project the same way most important autism-related projects have been accomplished, from the ground up. With a grassroots approach, we hope to tap into the power of the autism’s greatest threat; its sheer numbers, to the advantage of those who need the awareness raised the most.

Finally, the power of the overwhelming statistics of autism can be used for good. If your life is impacted by autism, please help us move forward with this amazing film project. We will be bringing a message of love, triumph, and most importantly, hope, to a vast new audience. The awareness raised through film festivals, private showings, and even broadcast opportunities would elevate great awareness to a new audience. Please be a part of making this happen.

We are seeking small & manageable contributions from people like you. Individuals with ASD, parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents, family friends, teachers, therapists … we know you are out there in the thousands upon thousands. Can you be a part of this very important Autism-awareness project and give $200, $100 or $50? If you can give more, please do. Please speak up for the cause of autism by supporting this artful endeavor at any level available to you. We ask you to give what you can. With this micro-patronage approach we earnestly, humbly ask for donations from a lot of people. We realize we have a big dream invested in this project…but when inspired by the great challenges of autism, it is amazing what can be accomplished.

If you’d like to see this film realized and know you played a part in that and made a difference for Jackson and for autism…please give your generous support to the making of Jackson Goes to the Beach. Donate in honor of the special person in your life with ASD. Go to the give section on the top of this page or just click on the Donate button below.

“Jackson has brought the world to us over these past 16 years. Please share our dream to bring a bigger part of the world to him.” ~ Kip Farmer

Thank you.
Sincerely & with gratitude,
Steven Vote. Producer – Jackson Goes to the Beach